Sunday, 8 January 2012

Just a personal update

Hey readers, GamingRoots here thinking I should make a post, make it clear that i'm still TOTALLY INTO THIS. I've just been really busy lately. I finished the general formatting for my 2nd Malzahar guide on MOBAFIRE, just gotta read it over a few times put some finishing touches on it. I should probably PLAY malzahar a few times cause I only played him twice then wrote the guide (just to refresh my memory).

I've been playing alot of WoW lately having loads of fun on my warlock. I specced him destro and with the imp talents he's absolutely devestating in bgs. The nuking capacity is incredible and sometimes you get both an instant incinerate and soulfire from your imp and you can just toss those out on somebody for massive damage. Shadowburn? Fury? The aoe stun: is such a versatile and fun spell. It makes me wish I didn't have to be affliction for arenas but I don't mind - affliction is OK.

To be honest when I made my lock my dreams were of being a master demon commander and it was all about those demons but after being affliction and later destro I can't vouch much for Demonology being a pvp spec. Maybe i'll give it another shot tonight.

I recently broke into my stash of mints I got for christmas, my family knows I love them so I get tons of them for christmas. I'm down to three left chewing on a big fat one right now, mmmm.

I've also been re-dabbling in Kassadin - On League of Legends. Very fun assassin character i'm surprised he wasnt on elementz teir list as #1 initially because riftwalk (ei extreme positional power) is so great. I played him on dominion as an AD TANK for a while and it was hugely successful but took a while to get rolling sometimes. It lead to a lot of games starting off bad and turning around once I finally got enough items to do stuff. I think AD was a bad choice on my part though. It IS pretty fun wacking them down (I had AS marks and used berserker boots to coutner early game bad AS) and being able to riftwalk in front. Realistically though lich bane would make him a thousand times better even if you lose the sustain.

Hope you're all keeping your new years resolutions. I know i'm not. Anyways, happy reading - living - gaming. Bye :)

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